About Us

The U-Crest Fire District was established in 1924 and is responsible for providing the facilities necessary for fire protection in U-Crest Fire District. The U-Crest Fire District is one of nine other fire districts that serve the residents and visitors of the Town of Cheektowaga. Our district has five commissioners elected by U-Crest Fire District registered voters. Each commissioner services is for five years, and the terms are staggered, so each year one commissioner is up for election. There is a chairman selected by the commissioners, and they also appoint a secretary and a treasurer. Decisions are made by a majority of the commissioners. The commissioners need not be members of the Fire department.

The Fire District owns the fire house. The district buys and owns all of the fire fighting equipment  used by the U-Crest Fire Department. The district is responsible for the maintenance of all equipment, the fire house, and insurance coverage for the building and equipment.

The Fire District is not subject to oversight or control by the Town of Cheektowaga. It has the power to raise or lower taxes, and to spend the money raised in any manner that can be represented as being part of its charter as set forth in the state statutes.

This web site is funded and operated by the Board of Fire Commissioners. The members of the active company would like to thank the U-Crest Fire District Fire Commissioners for their continuing support.